Design Force

Design Force Scheme of Learning

Below is the Scheme of Learning for the Design Force Training. It covers the Topics and Expectations for the training Program. Applicants should note that they are required to come with a laptop to participate. Use the chat-bot below to register for Design Force Training

1Design is the Future1. Intro to Design
2. Intro to Development
3. Intro to Design Problem Solving workflow
Understand why you need to learn design and development
Designing the Future
1. Planning is non-negotiable
2. Tools of Design
3. Workflow Efficiency
Master Planning and Project Management Skills to Facilitate Workflow
3Coding the Easy Way1. Into to Web Development
2. Concepts of Web Developments
3. Web Development Workflow
Master Basic Coding Skills to be able to make a basic web page
4Digging Deeper (Problem Solving)1. The Power JavaScript
2. Building Web Apps
3. Building Mobile Apps
Learn the Basics of Building Web Applications using JavaScript
5Solving Math Problems with JavaScript (For Secondary School Students)1. Programming and Math
2. Visual Math
3. Visual Math Physics
Solve complex math problems using JavaScript
6Introduction to WordPress1. Building Websites
2. What is WordPress
3. Alternatives
Learn the Basics, and Understand Why you should use WordPress
7Project Based Learning (WordPress)
1. Building A portfolio Website
2. Building an Commerce Store
Learn to Build eCommerce and portfolio websites with WordPress.
8The Business of Web Development1. How to Offer Web Design Services
2. Web Design for The Nigerian Market
Learn how to run a web development business.

Pictures of Learning Environment