Moving from Vue to React

Since the mid year, I have being using Vue.js for most personal projects and I must say that it is a very easy to use JavaScript framework, especially because of my experience with react this morning.

Disclaimer: i am not a pro-programmer, i am still a learner, which is why I created this website ( ).

From my experience with Vue.js I believe it is mostly written in old JavaScript (ES5), which I know and have being very comfortable. However react seems to be using some kind of advance JavaScript, say JavaScript (ES6) which is very foreign to me. This is also my fault because I have being running away from learning ES6 because my first experience with ES6 was strange, I still do not get a lot for things in ES6.

But now that I am trying to take responsibility for my programming growth, I have to force myself to learn react at least to judge for myself which one is better.

My programmer friends mostly use react and they always sing its praise. One very close friend who is a pro, always tells me react forces you to write good code. I like this. but it is till scary to me. However, i have made the commitment to myself to learn react so as to also better myself in terms of writing code. So I shall consume as many react tutorials as possible, till I am fully convinced.

Feel free to suggest resources or comment on your own experiences. Thank you.

Nice YouTube video from Acedemind


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On a journey to building business solutions using web technologies, while merging with design, art and fun. I create with WordPress, JavaScript, Vue.js, and Blender 3D in my spare time. Basically I am an artist turned designer, turned developer. don't judge me, I am just having Fun.

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