Why I think WordPress is Cool


Have you checked out the WordPress REST Api, it allows you to fetch data from your WordPress website just by using GET request. Beyond that with the aid of plugins you can even setup authentication systems for your apps that would allow you administrative privileges from outside the WordPress back-end. Therefore, using the JSON REST Api I can achieve things like getting posts, creating posts, creating users, filling a form. etc. Also beyond manipulating posts you can also get other data types such as music, images, video files, PDFs and even custom posts types. I have created several mobile apps for clients who I manage their WordPress website just by making GET request to the WordPress rest API through nativescript. Just add “/wp-json/wp/v2/posts” to the end of your wordpress site url and see the margic.

Child Themes can extend Free themes

At the beginning stage of my web development career using WordPress, I would get frustrated when I couldn’t find a free template that would match my client’s requirements. Most free templates were usually a bit close to my requirements, but I had no idea I could extend them using a child theme. One day I stumbled on a YouTube video that taught me how to use child themes, and it has ever since helped me in extending free themes especially when premium ones do not fit my client’s budget (I recommend premium themes). Some of the things I have done with a child theme include,

a. adding a slider short code to the heading section of a theme,

b. adding extra widget sections,

c. adding post author image to post meta data,

d. making a theme footer section 4 columns,

e. adding CSS styles and even JavaScript,

f. adding frameworks such as animate.css by altering the classes of the template elements.

You can make money selling themes and plugins

This is one market that entices me, if you check out websites like themeforest, creativemarket and monster templates, you would be amazed at the amount of money being made by developers who sell WordPress themes and plugins. I can’t say much on that because I am still trying to break into the market (Tips are welcome). My first plugin was rejected for not being sophisticated enough (I suppose). This put me off for a while, but I have not given up on that goal.

Build Complex Apps Using Custom Post Types

One thing I like about WordPress is that it can be extended beyond a blogging system to a mega system that can handle any class of data, just by using custom post types. One time I built an entire real estate listing website with WordPress, and all I needed was just a real estate plugin that created several post types like the properties, agents, locations, amenities, etc. The WordPress REST Api made pulling data into other sources very easy, so we built ourselves something decent only using WordPress and custom post types. Other examples include building school management systems, customer management systems and even billing systems.

Easy Payment Methods Installation

Almost every popular payment platform in the world, like PayPal, and Stripe has a plugin hat can be easily integrated into WordPress especially via its ecommerce plugin called WooCommerce. Therefore, one can easily build web apps and online stores that accept payment even without ever writing one line of code.

Startup friendly

Because WordPress is easy to use and extend, it is something I always recommend to startups who require web applications to run. It allows for quick and easy testing of one’s ideas just by mashing up several already available plugins that are specific to the goal of the startup. Most startups, these days prefer node.js, at least in my own experience, but plugins are easier to use than having to read the entire documentation of NPM modules. Even still one can build a hybrid app of WordPress as the landing page and node.js to run the actual dashboard and implementation of the software service.

Great and Automated S.E.O

Something that surprises me about WordPress, is how your website is able to appear easily and quickly on google search after a week or two of hosting it. The posts are always formatted well on google search. This is one of the reasons I advise startups to build their landing page with WordPress so as to leverage on is SEO capabilities. With the use of plugins like monster insight, easily analytics can be installed on the website to monitor traffic. Also there are other SEO plugins that help in maximizing the SEO capabilities of WordPress.

There is a plugin for everything

One thing I usually do in solving web development problems is to just do a search of the problem and add “WP plugin” to the end of the search. I have found that there is almost a plugin for anything you need to do in web development, be it slider, payment methods, analytics, email marketing, user management, chat integration, membership subscription etc. Whatever plugin you don’t find (this is rare) you have to code yourself or hire a developer.

Large support community

One thing that scares me away from a programming language, framework or library is that lack of community to engage with in terms of finding solutions to problems when coding. This is one of the many reasons I use WordPress. You can hardly be stranded, almost anything you are going through concerning WordPress, someone on the internet has conquered. You hardly need to disturb the pros at Quora and stack exchange, there is usually a blog post for every WordPress challenge you might face.

Speed of setup

WordPress is a good opportunity to under promise and over deliver. When clients come to me asking for a simple portfolio website, they usually assume It would take about a week or two to deliver and I usually agree with them only to deliver it over the week end. This is not to say that every WordPress website project takes that short (permit me to use this language), but it is easy to get the basics website layout functioning to a standard degree. One thing that usually takes time in WordPress web design is getting content from your client and inputting them into the website and also walking them through how they can easily modify the website content.

I hope with this few points of mine, I have been able to convince and not confuse you the reader that WordPress is actually cool. Thank you for reading.

Dubem Izuorah

On a journey to building business solutions using web technologies, while merging with design, art and fun. I create with WordPress, JavaScript, Vue.js, and Blender 3D in my spare time. Basically I am an artist turned designer, turned developer. don't judge me, I am just having Fun.

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